2022 Was A Whirlwind. But Hey, We Go Again This Year

The Olamobisi New Year

I’d like to jump on the train and say 2022 was such a hard year, but I’d be lying. It was, on most levels, the best year I’ve ever had. Not to say there weren’t any downtimes or days I stayed in bed all day, crying my eyes out. But compared to the last few years, 2022 was a breeze.

This is not an ode to the last year or cheers to a better 2023

This is a reminisce about the fact that we spend a lot of time focusing on all the ways the year went south and forgot to count the little blessings – life, good friends, family, love (gained or lost), food (so important)

You don’t get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results.

Donec Massa Integer

If the quote above still doesn’t resonate, here’s another one to help it sink in.

It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

For me, the year 2022 unintentionally became about personal and career growth. I say unintentionally because I actively went into the year determined to exist. Just ride the year out and not be pressured into achieving, building, scaling, or learning. I just wanted to get through what I expected would be a tough year and come out on the other side in one piece. But man proposes, and God disposes, as they say, so grow I did. Albeit grudgingly.

  1. I decided to quit my job because it was taking a toll on my health.
  2. I got a better job that was both mentally and physically productive and didn’t raise my blood pressure.
  3. I took a much-needed break from Lagos so that I won’t die.
  4. I made friends I didn’t intend to make. (Remind me to say thank you to my sister for suggesting I stop being such a recluse)
  5. I rekindled old friendships, learned forgiveness and finally understood that inner peace was a gift I should never take for granted.
  6. After kissing so many frogs that did not turn into princes, I found love in the most unexpected place and with the most unexpected person. Sometimes, what you’re looking for in Sokoto, is inside your shokoto.

It turns out God wanted me to grow, and I didn’t have a choice. 

But I also had a lot of bad days. I say days because it would be embarrassing to admit that, as a life coach, I was depressed for months and could hardly get out of bed most days.

  1. I lost friendships that I thought would last forever. I realise now that people come and go, and you must be at peace with it.
  2. I saw first-hand what havoc toxic masculinity could wreck on your mental and emotional well-being.
  3. I had my own personal horrible bosses experience that I would never wish on my worst enemy.
  4. I started a business again that I had started over and over before and still didn’t get it going as I wanted.
  5. I started writing on my blog but only got out two articles. This is my third attempt at blogging, and I still deal with the fear of rejection.
  6. I made a lot of money and then lost a lot of money.
  7. I had health issues and felt like being a woman was a curse. I still feel that way sometimes, but today is not one of those days, thank heavens.

There will be storms.

How you choose to deal with it is what matters. The lessons we learn, the manifestations and the little miracles that let us know that the hand of God is upon us and he’s right beside us in the midst of the worst storm.

Understanding that faith goes right alongside hope and our choosing to dance even in the rain helps us grow, gives us peace, and assures us of God’s comforting presence.

Olabisi Fagoyinbo



It’s 2023, and with that comes another opportunity

This year, I’ve chosen specific areas of my life to focus on. The first is prioritising the time I spend with God. No more rushed prayers while my mind runs through a million different tasks. No more skipping days with my devotionals and losing streaks. This year, I’m choosing to commit to God and see where he takes me. But that’s not all.

  • I’m prioritising my health by actively eating healthier meals and exercising.
  • I will no longer entertain negativity or any form of toxic thoughts
  • I will make it a point to live this year. Go out, meet people, and get a breath of fresh air.
  • Stop and smell the roses? Yes. Not just literally but figuratively.
  • Build memories I can look back on with a smile when I’m hard of hearing and lacking teeth.
  • Document everything. In pictures, in words, on my blog. Let my experience either teach or entertain someone.
  • Beyond all these, I’m letting go and letting God.

I’ve been accused of overthinking and trying to control every situation. It’s taken me having to break every aspect of myself and examine it piece by piece to realise that it’s not just an accusation. It’s as true as the air I breathe. And it cost me a lot. The fear of negative outcomes almost always births negativity. 

We are the silver lining in any and every dark cloud we could ever find. There is no need to go looking for the light when you bring it with you.

Tyler Knott Gregson

So letting God decide what my year holds is the best gift I can give to myself in the new year.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll be a part of my journey. I can’t assure you that it’ll always be rainbow and roses. There’ll be tears. There’ll be rants and days when I am beaten down. But I promise you honesty. Unfiltered, unapologetic, unafraid, honesty.

I also promise to be consistent. To overcome my fear of who likes or doesn’t like my blog and write what’s true to me.

Love me enough to join my community

Please take the time to subscribe, let me know your thoughts in the comment section, and if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to read about, I’m very open to that. I intend to have an interesting new year filled with many explorations and I hope your year goes as great as mine.



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  1. What a good way to start the year. Well done girl.
    The year will be more rainbows and roses than tears.
    Nice read too.
    I am rooting for you all the way.

  2. I think this is great. Always occupy yourself with positivity. Mental health is as important as the oxygen one inhales, this is what I’ve learned over the years. I am happy for you and the fact that you have had to move on from negativity. There are many wolves walking the surface of the earth with ONLY one goal, DESTROY PEOPLE AND LEAVE THEM VULNERABLE. Thanks to God you have broke off such chains..

  3. Great read for me. I’m looking forward to an exciting 2023. No undue pressure and anxiety. And I am looking forward to more articles from you. Let’s go !

  4. I love how you shifted into God’s focus at the end. This is epic ❤

    Well done boss lady 

  5. Document everything. In pictures, in words, on my blog. “Let my experience either teach or entertain someone.”

    I literally stockpile pictures, journal experiences but hesitate when it’s time to share them. I constantly think, “who cares you climbed a tower and saw the city?”
    I hope to overcome this fear and get back to storytelling.
    Thanks for sharing your fears. I benefited from that the most.

  6. Awww
    This is so good
    I agree with seeing the bad or focusing on what went wrong when there are blessings staring you in the face
    2022 was a good year for me too
    I can say that the first half was so different from the second half which was soon good
    2023 would be great!

    Thanks for sharing Olamobisi

  7. How you shared your personal experiences, words of motivation along side making it important to seek God’s presence was brilliant. ❤️

  8. Hi Bisi,
    Nice piece u av there sis, wish u more wisdom, nd d tenacity to go tru. God will direct our steps nd we will stick to d positive vibes nd not negativity by God’s grace.
    More power to ur elbow sis, more 🌈🎉💕🥳

  9. Aww. This is such a nice piece. I’m all for the positivity and God-reliance. Rooting for you!!❤️❤️

  10. Getting to know you has been more than a blessing because I got to know and discover more than what life has brought and given me. It’s amazing💯💯
    You stated this “You don’t need closure, answers from anyone else. You don’t need to know why they left or what could have made them stay. You don’t need to beat ur self up abt how differently you could have handled things. You need to take the lessons, move forward & be better”, and I saw it right at the moment I needed it… I’ve also learnt more than this statement and am learning more again as I read this. What a blessing you are to me and more!
    Am glad to be part of your community. Indeed let’s have an interesting new year filled with many explorations and great deeds like you stated. Loads of kisses 💋💋💋

  11. Olamobisi mi Owon… No doubt about it you conquered your fear. You’re a LIONESS and I’m proud of you always. How we met was not who i am now. You are among the few who cared enough to really know what i was going through during my trying time. I was dying in guilt for aiding a human that wanted my soul as a trade to clear his commitment for the assistance i rendered to him as a husband and Father but Karma is a bitch, he located us both and apportioned individuals according to his conscience. Here I am, back and better. Thanks for your words of encouragement and text, it went a long way. Had it been you were my Woman, you will not leave how she left. My trying time was a great blessing to me “ka se bi Eniku ka wo Eni to o feran eni” -(Cease breathe as if your soul is gone and you’ll know who truly loves you)… Frienemies- like I call them “Owo-Epo nation” “wonfojujore” caucus. Won fi hardtime wa shenk wa lai mo pe Olaotan Ola kun seyin Olawale Olanrewaju.

    Thank you for everything.

  12. Valid, ticked some points on mine too. 2022 was good working to make 2023 better. Well done bisi. The love part o, still waiting for gist.

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